Propolis has long been used as a remedy for various types of ailments, and is touted as having anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

Bees use this resin mixture as both a sealant for their hive and as a lining for brood cells (baby bee nurseries) when the queen is ready to lay eggs. The fact that bees use propolis to line brood cells makes a lot of sense considering its anti-bacterial properties; propolis ensures the health of the larvae by creating a sterile environment.

Humans have taken a cue from the bees and have started using propolis to achieve their own health-related goals. Uses of propolis are wide and varied, and include

We have two types of propolis available here at Honey Pacifica: Propolis Tincture and Propolis Extract. Propolis Extract is 3-5% propolis and the balance is Propylene Glycol and our Propolis Tincture is 65-67% propolis and the balance is a Non-GMO Cane Ethyl Alcohol.

While we offer basic suggestions for uses and amounts, you can consult your physician or local health-food store to learn specific quantities for your body’s unique needs. As with many other types of natural treatments or medications, the more consistently you use propolis the greater its effect will be.