Flavored Honey Sample Pack - Three 12 oz. Squeeze Jars

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Flavored Honey is a unique product that we create to produce flavors that the bees cannot produce themselves. We start with unfiltered sage honey and add all natural flavorings to create these tasty varieties. This three pack includes Mango Flavored Honey, Peach Flavored Honey, and Raspberry Flavored Honey. Each flavor has a unique taste that pleases the palette and leaves you excited for the next wonderful flavor.

Each comes in a handy 12 oz. squeeze jar for easy pours into tea, on top of fluffy morning pancakes, mixed into plain yogurt, or simply onto a spoon. Our flavored honeys are gently warmed with household light bulbs over a three-day period to ease the mixing and packing process. The gentle warming process ensures that the honey never exceeds the temperature of a beehive. All our honey is pure, unfiltered and unprocessed honey.

Alone each jar is $8, but buy together and save $5!

Includes 3 jars without a gift box. Looking for other honey gifts? See them all here: