Coldpacked Honey Sample Pack - Four 16 oz. Jars

Was: $40.00
Now: $35.00


This is the ultimate raw honey sample pack that contains four 16 oz. glass jars with a combination of some of our most popular honey varieties. This pack contains all five-star rated, delicious honeys including, Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower, Cold Packed Buckwheat, Cold Packed Orange Blossom, and Cold Packed Coastal Wildflower. The one hundred and ninety combined five-star reviews speak for the quality, flavor, and care that goes into each jar.

Our 5 oz. Honey Sample pack is perfect for new customers that aren't quite ready to commit to a full jar of raw honey; so this pack was created for Raw Honey lovers who know that a small jar will never be enough to satisfy the joy every taste will bring.

Includes 4 jars without a gift box. Looking for other honey gifts?

Feeling generous?

Premium Raw California Honey makes a perfect gift for loved ones, co-workers, and friends. Honey is a sweet, nutritional, and unique gift that never expires.

Special Pricing

Normally each 16 oz. Jar is $10, meaning we should charge $40. We don't want you to miss out on trying our 5-star honey so we've reduced the price to $35, that's $8.75 a jar!