The Best Tasting Raw Honey

The Best Tasting Raw Honey

Local California Beekeepers, Bees & Honey Unprocessed, Unheated, Unadulterated Honey

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“I've been using raw honey instead of sugar for several years. After trying various brands and flavors, Honey Pacifica tastes the best, it's not heated, filtered, or adulterated, and best of all, they're in California!”

Customer Face Tim
Tim C. Customer

“I was so lucky to find Honey Pacifica at our local farmer's market. It's both healthy and tasty, makes my tea and yogurt top-notch. Customer service is excellent, too. Even if you have to ship it, DO IT!”

Customer Face Mary
Mary R. Customer

“We used to buy at our weekly Farmers market in LA but then moved to Indiana. We can't find anything even close to this fantastic honey. So now we ship it across the country whenever we need refills. It's absolutely worth it.”

Customer Face Carol
Carol V. Customer
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California Raw Honey

In 1978, our first hive was a high-school science project that we brought home. We enjoyed the bees so much that our backyard slowly filled with 40 hives.

Friends, family, and neighbors loved our honey because it was raw and had an incomparably delicious taste. So with hard work and a bit of luck Honey Pacifica grew!

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