Sage Honeycomb

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Honeycomb containing and submerged in our Cold Packed Sage honey. Honey Pacifica's Cold Packed Sage honey starts with a crisp, delicate flavor and finishes with a hint of floral aftertaste. This honey comes from the slopes of California's Sierra Nevada range, produced by Black Sage that blooms spring through early summer. Raw Sage honey is unique as it crystallizes slower than most other raw honeys. Hand packed in 1 lb. glass jars.

Uses for Honeycomb

Honeycomb is a rare treasure the bees make, but it leaves some of our customers unsure on how to eat it. The most obvious way is to take a bite and chew and chew and chew like a piece of gum. While this is the easiest way, below we have even tastier ways to enjoy it.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy honeycomb is on top of your favorite warm toasted bread or on a fresh baked roll with a light amount of butter. Cut a piece of honeycomb and do your best to spread it on. As the honeycomb warms up, it will soften making it easier to spread or mash on top of the bread. Take a bite and enjoy the the warm and sweet flavors mixing in your mouth.

We also have a few fancy restaurants in California that buy our honeycomb specifically to serve it in the center of a plate surrounded by a selection of cheeses and multi-grain crackers. The idea is to cover the cracker with a piece of cheese and top it off with a small chunk of comb. This works great with cheddar or brie, but any cheese will work.

Do you have a different way you enjoy your honeycomb? If so please write it in a review below to help everyone enjoy their jar of Sage honey with honeycomb.