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    Mango Honey, Peach Honey, Raspberry Honey Pack.

    Flavored Honey Sample Pack - Three 12 oz. Squeeze Jars

    Flavored Honey is a unique product that we create to produce flavors that the bees cannot produce themselves. We start with unfiltered sage honey and add all natural flavorings to create these tasty varieties. This three pack includes Mango Flavored...

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    Raw Honey Four Pack

    Coldpacked Honey Sample Pack - Four 16 oz. Jars

    This is the ultimate raw honey sample pack that contains four 16 oz. glass jars with a combination of some of our most popular honey varieties. This pack contains all five-star rated, delicious honeys including, Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower, Cold Packed...

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    Wildflower Honey 60 Lb. Bucket

    Wildflower Honey Pail - 60 Lb.

    Honey Baker's Special!Save $95 on Regular Raw Wildflower Honey Pails While Supplies Last. Our baker's honey is a perfect sugar replacement for cookies, pies and and sweet recipe!This honey is not Coldpacked honey and was gently warmed with household...

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