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Beehives in Farm Fields

Honey Pacifica’s bees live in the fields, farms, and foothills of Southern California, which in our opinion, has some of the best weather on earth. Not only do our bees get over 300 days of sunshine, but there are ample flowers, trees and crops in the area that provide the nectar for the best tasting raw honey. All bees are dependent on weather patterns that generate the ideal conditions for creating honey. In fact, many of our single floral source honeys have both lean and fat years because the weather changes each year. Since this is a relatively dry climate, rain is the most crucial factor for our bees. Without rain, the flowers they need don’t grow. That’s where our partnerships with farmers help the bees by providing open space, crops and water. In exchange, the bees fly from flower to flower collecting nectar for honey and providing pollination to crops that triggers the production of fruits and vegetables. Farmers and beekeepers have worked together for hundreds of years and listed below are partnerships Honey Pacifica has thankfully made in order to provide homes for our bees.

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OC Produce

A family run company that has been farming in Orange County for over 50 years. Their focus is serving the local community as a foodshed by growing and providing fruits and vegetables in the Orange County Great Park in Orange County, CA. Special thanks to AG Kawamura for his continued support of our partnership. Visit OC Produce

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Seal Beach Naval Weapons Base

The Seal Bach Naval Weapons base has 1300 acres farmland, which is rentable by farmers for growing crops. This land is leased with an emphasis on organic farming and eliminating the use and storage of pesticides. Some of the crops grown are strawberries, cabbage, and pumpkins. The Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge neighbors these farmlands providing another 900 acres of estuary that has many of wildflowers the bees enjoy during the spring and summer.

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