Mason Jar Beeswax Candle

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Mason Jars have been used for canning and storing items for over 100 years. It's almost impossible to not find a mason jar in every American household. This 8.0 oz. beeswax candle highlights our love for mason jars and the amazing foods that are stored inside. This Mason jar is 100% raw beeswax, and it's also one of our most popular candles.

Candle Burning Tips

Burning beeswax candles can require some extra care, but don't worry you won't need a hive of bee's worth of help.

If your candle flame is longer than 3/4", it can cause the candle to burn too fast or unevenly. Simply trim the unlit wick down to around 1/4" to achieve the optimum sized flame and burn rate.

Is your flame shrinking or burning unevenly? It might help to snip the tip off the wick to get it burning normally. Sometimes the wick tip can get crispy and not burn, so before lighting the candle give it a quick snip.

Beeswax candles work best when burned about one hour for each inch in diameter of thickness. If burned longer it can cause the pool of wax to spill over the sides, which is wasteful and can ruin the look of the more intricate candles.

Example: A two-inch thick candle should be burned for about two hours before giving it a break.

All of these are helpful suggestions, but feel free to experiment with whatever works best for you.