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Amazing honeys come and go. This is the place where we remember great products that are no longer made.
  • Mason Jar Beeswax Candle - 8 oz.

    Mason Jar Beeswax Candle

    Mason Jars have been used for canning and storing items for over 100 years. It's almost impossible to not find a mason jar in every American household. This 8.0 oz. beeswax candle highlights our love for mason jars and the amazing foods that are stored...

  • Curved Bottle Beeswax Candle - 8 oz.

    Curved Bottle Beeswax Candle

    This 8 oz. curved bottle candle has wonderful curves that enhance the style and uniqueness. This candle is handmade in a custom mold with 100% raw beeswax, which makes it burn brighter, cleaner, and longer. Candle Burning Tips Burning beeswax candles...

  • Asian Girl Beeswax Candle - 6 oz.

    Asian Girl Beeswax Candle

    This handcrafted 6 oz. Giggling Asian Girl is one of our most intricately carved candles. Hours of work went into hand carving this mold to get the cuteness to shine through. Hopefully this joyful girl will help you smile and will brighten everyday...

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