Hadley Fruit Orchard

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Hadley Fruit Orchard has been serving Southern California with fresh nuts, fruits, trail mixes, butters, jams, cereals, vitamins, honey and wines since 1931. They run a fantastic farm store with the majority of products coming right from local fields and farms. We're proud to be featured in such a high quality store and alongside Hadley’s wonderful products.

Hadley Fruit Orchard
48980 Seminole Dr.
Cabazon, CA 92230
(800) 854-5655

Products Available in 16oz. Jars:

  • Cold Packed Avocado Honey
  • Cold Packed Brazilian Peppertree Honey
  • Cold Packed Buckwheat Honey
  • Cold Packed Coastal Wildflower Honey
  • Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower Honey*
  • Cold Packed Eucalyptus Honey
  • Cold Packed Orange Blossom
  • Cold Packed Sage Honey*
  • Habanero Honey
  • Cold Packed Creamy Cinnamon Honey
  • Cold Packed Mango Honey
  • Cold Packed Creamy Mango Honey
  • Cold Packed Creamy Lemon Honey
  • Sage Honeycomb
  • Coastal Bee Pollen

*Additional 3 lb. size available

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