Premium Black Button Sage Honey 2015

Sold Out


Premium Black Button Sage Honey is gone!

This excellent honey is sold out, but there was a good amount of rainfall this year and our current Coldpacked Sage is an excellent replacement.

This honey is the second premium crop, and it took over four drought years to produce it. We're extremely fortunate to have acquired a small portion of the less than 100 drums of this extra pure sage honey produced (that we know of) in all of California this year.

The honey comes from Northern San Luis Obispo, California near a small town named Cayucos. This beachside town with a population of 2,500 is beautiful but small. If you drive too fast, you'll find yourself quickly surrounded by the rolling golden hills of California.

Single varietal honey (Honey made from only one type of flower) relies on the land, the sun, and rain working in perfect harmony. Out in the wilderness of Cayucos the conditions aligned, and the sage flowers bloomed! The bees we're right in the middle of it and created this beautiful tasting premium, sage honey.

We've packaged 500 jars of this honey in distinctive 12 oz. glass pouring jars. You're invited to try this marvelous one of a kind Premium Black Button Sage Honey.

Sage honey is lighter in color than most honey and is unique because it crystallizes slower than other honeys. It is used as a preferred sweetener by many chefs seeing as it has a light flavor that adds complexity and sweetness to dishes without an overpowering honey flavor. Cold Packed honey is always 100% raw, unheated, unfiltered and packed in glass.

Supporting Research

$2 of every sale will be used to help support the E. L. Nií±no Honey Bee Lab located at the Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility, University of California, Davis, which is the largest and most comprehensive state-supported apiculture facility in North America.