Star Thistle Honey


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Star Thistle Honey is a rare raw honey we found in foothills of the Northern Californian counties of San Mateo and Santa Cruz. This is a bright and slightly creamed honey that is respected as one of the most sought after honeys in the U.S. (It's also our manager John's current favorite honey.)

Star Thistle is found in throughout the US, but is considered a weed so it's not widely accessible as a floral source for bees. When found the plants can have anywhere from 10 - 50 bright yellow flowers on them and the bees absolutely love them.

Try our newest honey today. If you're a honey fan this 9 oz. jar won't last long at all.

Sept. 2016 Update: Our customers have exhausted our supply of Star Thistle Honey! We'll send an update to our newsletter if we are able to harvest more.