Wildflower Honey Pail - 60 Lb.

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Holiday Baker's Honey Special!

Sold Out but you can get our Coldpacked Wildflower Honey

Save $65 on Regular Raw Wildflower Honey Pails While Supplies Last. Our Baker's Holiday honey is a perfect sugar replacement for cookies, pies and and sweet recipe!

This Wildflower Honey is a blend of our Creamy Wildflower honey and Regular Wildflower Honey which has a slightly lighter color and taste than a pure wildflower honey. Unlike our single floral varieties our bees are surrounded by local crops, flowers, and trees so each year this honey has a unique and uncontrolled flavor.

This honey is not Coldpacked honey but was gently warmed with household lightbulbs over a three-day period to ease the packing and ensuring that it never exceeds the temperature of a beehive.

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